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Working to:

  • Protect our Urban Growth Boundary
  • Preserve Ridgelines and Open spaces
  • Retain the best qualities of ourcity for future generations.  

 June 19, 2015

Tuesday evening, June 16, the City Council voted 3:0 to stop the East Pleasanton Specific Plan.  

This is a historic victory for Pleasanton residents.  While Council member Karla Brown consistently opposed this development plan, which ranged as high as 2,279 new homes from the outset, each time continuing the EPSP came to a vote all other Council members voted to continue this plan.

It was the residents of Pleasanton who turned out by the hundreds to express their opposition to this massive development in our already resource constrained city that ultimately caused the City Council to vote to put it on the ballot.  Knowing they had a losing cause if the residents got to vote, the land owners pulled the plug on continuing to pay for any further EPSP planning costs, which led to the Council agreeing to stop the entire process and put it in "Deep Freeze" until, at earliest, the drought is over. 

Our city still needs to digest the 1,700 new homes approved for construction as part of the State mandate, most of which are currently in the process of being built.  And Dublin has 8,787 MORE homes approved for building that have yet to be built.  We have more challenges to come as our demand for water increases, more children come to our overcrowded schools, and much more traffic further clogs our streets.

We residents behind Pleasanton Voters are now turning to educate and engage residents about these remaining issues.  Stay tuned for more information.

Pleasanton Voters has well over 1,000 residents on our growing email list.  Hundreds of you have shown up at City meetings, written letters, shared information with your neighbors, and helped support this grass roots organization.

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Pleasanton Voters


Kelly Cousins, President
Al Exner, Treasurer
Sandy Yamaoda, Secretary

Supporters (partial list):

George Bowen*
Kay Ayala*
Karla Brown*
Matt Sullivan
Matt Morrison
Tim Belcher
Jed Sussman
Ingrid Wetmore
Lynn Kriegbaum
Karen Ellgas

* Founding Supporters

www.PleasantonVoters.com is a non-partisan group of Pleasanton residents with the goal of educating Pleasanton voters about new and massive development projects that may negatively affect our City.  We have defined goals of preserving ridgelines and open space, protecting our voter approved Urban Growth Boundary, and retaining the best qualities of our City for future generations.                                     

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