Those of us fortunate enough to call Pleasanton home were drawn, in part, by our city's small town pace of life, our vibrant and historic Downtown, our surrounding open space, and our absence of "large city" problems.  These qualities have existed because we have been "The City of Planned Progress".

Pleasanton's "Planned Progress" established by voters in 1996 with 75% approval of Measaure FF - Our desire is to maintain the plans that have guided our city to be the gem of the East Bay, specifically foundational elements of our Pleasanton Voter's General Plan.

Our 1996 General Plan, which incorporated the Pleasanton Voter mandate from Measure FF, established our Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) - the permanent line surrounding our city "beyond which urban development will not occur".  Our General Plan also establishes a very strict standard for any changes made to the UGB in order to preserve its intended goal of maintaining open space and providing a buffer with adjacent communities.

Preserving Pleasanton's Planned Progress

We need your help to STOP MASSIVE SPRAWL in Pleasanton

* Pleasanton Voters need to stop the sprawl that is coming to East Pleasanton.  Your involvement is critical and is needed now. Please take the following action to help us preserve the best of Pleasanton:

  1. Contact us so that we can keep you informed
  2. Attend one of the upcoming City Workshops inviting public input on the East Pleasanton Specific Plan - see dates/time and locations above.
  3. Like us on Facebook and share this information with your friends and neighbors

Attend one of these City sponsored meetings:

  • April 23, Thursday 6:30 pm, Multipurpose Room, Donlon Elementary School, 4150 Dorman Rd., Pleasanton
  • April 29, Wednesday 6:30pm, Location To Be Determined -  Check back here for updates

For a copy of the City's agenda for these meetings, please click HERE.

Pleasanton City Leaders have approved planning for the BIGGEST residential development in the history of Pleasanton, the East Pleasanton Specific Plan (EPSP) between Pleasanton and Livermore.

1. The “Preferred” Base plan is for 1300 new houses, PLUS 1.6 million sq. ft. industrial/retail development.
2. This project will create a traffic nightmare with over 13,000 car trips per day on Pleasanton streets.
3. No money for our overcrowded Middle and High Schools, but will add nearly 1200 new PUSD students!
4. NONE of these houses are required to meet State or regional requirements.
5. More people means less water for you!

 SPEAK UP!  It is imperative that you attend one or more of the City-sponsored informational meetings.  Let our City Leaders know how this project will affect you.

Working to:

  • Protect our Urban Growth Boundary
  • Preserve Ridgelines and Open spaces
  • Retain the best qualities of our city for future generations.